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Thank you for inquiring about The Ellefson Companies LLC. Tom Ellefson, President and Owner, has been in the home building business his entire adult life. From 1969 through 1975, Tom worked for Farmers Home Administration (FHA). As a County Supervisor, he financed both new and existing houses. As these homes were constructed, Tom supervised the framing, installation of mechanicals and finishes. During this same period, hands on personal experience was gained by building several investment properties. In 1975, Tom joined a real estate brokerage firm and in 1976 formed a construction company with the real estate firm. The company averaged building 40 houses per year as well as some multi-family projects. In 1980, Tom left the firm to go into business for himself. With the help of his wife Pam, Ellefson Construction, Inc. was formed, a company specializing in building single family homes, condominiums and rental units in an affordable price range. From the beginning the business strategy has remained the same. We continue to offer quality new homes and condominium units at affordable prices.


Our organization is small – decidedly small. What this means is savings passed on to you. No big overhead to cover, not a lot of fancy advertising. Just plain old hard work by our small office of professionals. It is a rare occurrence in this day and age that you can actually talk to the owner. If you choose us as your builder, you have the comfort of knowing that if you contact anyone in our office we will know who you are.


The Ellefson Companies LLC builds homes, multi-family housing and condominiums using high quality materials and the labor of experienced craftsman. Prior to our using any material, it must meet our specifications for quality and durability. All work is performed under our supervision to attain the best possible results. We are very proud of the homes we have built over the years, the homes we are presently building and the neighborhoods we are planning. We strive to create a long lasting value and provide a quality home for a lifetime. Once again, it is our hope that you choose The Ellefson Companies LLC as your builder or Developer.

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